Korean Fashion Suits

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A man in a Korean Fashion Suit

For my first post I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite Korean fashion pieces: the Korean Fashion Suit. A man in a fitted Korean Fashion Suit is just about as attractive as you can get. You’ll see them in dramas, in Kpop fashion, and on the street. What are some common features?

  • Thin Jacket Lapels

Have you ever seen Boys Over Flowers? My favorite clothes from that Korean drama were usually worn by So Yi Jung, pictured below.

So Yi Jung from the drama BOYS OVER FLOWERS wearing a Korean Fashion Suit

One of the things I noticed while trying to figure out just why I was in love with his suits is that his jacket lapels were slimmer than your average suit jacket. It seems, though, that most Korean fashion suits have this eye pleasing feature.

  • Fitted

The suits are designed for a slim body, as your average young Korean heartthrob possesses. If you have a nice body, you won’t want to hide that dedication and hard work, right? Don’t make it too tight, of course, we don’t need to see every detail, and you’ll want to be able to move around in it, but a good Korean fashion suit is well-fitting. Baggy suits—be gone!

  • Low Neckline

Another awesome attribute of Korean suits (see my use of alliteration, right there?) is that they have low cinching jackets. The top button is many times at about the narrowest part of the waist. This is more flattering to your figure as well.


If you’d like to learn more about Korean Fashion, visit the site I found below by clicking on the image or the url:

A Korean girl in a sundress.









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