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Want to learn Korean? Then this article is for you. We’re going to discuss some of the best ways to learn. You probably already have a head start because you watch K-dramas, movies, and listen to Kpop. Listening to the language is really helpful for learning Korean because is trains your ear to hear what the language sounds like. You can pick up on the finer nuances of vowel and consonant pronunciation. Learning the language doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, as you can see here, the Korean alphabet is actually one of the simplest in the world. It was designed to be easy. You may have seen this image showing how to make sense of some basic Hangul.

learning korean written language

Learning Korean the Easy Way

One particularly easy way to learn Korean is the Rocket learning system. There are plenty of other ways to pick up the language, but this one works for a lot of people. They take you one step at a time to help you learn individual phrases, how to put the phrases together into a sentence, and other essentials for being able to communicate for your trip to Korea.

Practicing the Language

One of the most important ways to learn the Korean language is to practice. You actually may not be aware of it, but you probably already do this quite a lot. You may think you’re just enjoying your favorite entertainment, or listening to Kpop, but you’re actually helping yourself learn what Korean sounds like, too. Studies have shown that listening to the language is very beneficial. Even if you don’t understand everything or have to read subtitles, you are still getting a feel for what the language sounds and is spoken in normal conversation. Constantly hearing Korean will help you to master the pronunciation and get yourself speaking it more naturally. Also, I’m sure you’ve picked up on some phrases that you hear over and over in K-dramas. This also helps you to build a foundation for learning the language step by step. Much like in Korean 101.

Enjoying Your Hangul Language Learning

Another important factor in advancing in your learning of the Korean language is the be able to enjoy it. When you enjoy what you are learning you are more likely to stick with it and make more progress. You will practice it more, because it doesn’t really feel like “practice”. So, if you like listening to Kpop, watching Running Man or other Korean Variety shows, then this will help you greatly in learning it fast. Something that is helpful on a lot of variety shows is that they often have words written on the screen (in Hangul) that kind of help to tell the story of make fun of what’s going on. These short phrases are very helpful for learning Hangul and understanding the Korean alphabet.

Other Useful Learning Tools

There are also a Korean app in the Google Play store that will help you with your learning. Apple, too, is in on the Hangul wave and has some apps for iPhone users to help with Korean phonics, pronunciation, and expanding their vocabulary, here.

Learn Korean | Vocabulary, Phrases, and How To Speak

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