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Hi all. I know my last post was on Korean Suits, so I thought I’d merge into a similar topic for my next post: Running Man Fashion. What is Running Man? Only the best show on earth! Okay, whether you agree or not, you should definitely check out this page here and see for yourself. It is definitely a must-see series if you have any interest in Asian variety shows. I watch Running Man just about every day, so it’s got to be great, right?

Getting to the Korean fashion part, each member seems to have a stylist. Sometimes the stylist picks their clothes for the episode, sometimes they pick it completely by themselves, and sometimes they pick it out but are given general guidelines as to what to wear, i.e. (wear something futuristic.); (Although, disappointingly, and yet understandably, a lot of times they just wear track suits like in the Running Man Jackie Chan episode.)

Kim Jong Kook, the muscle man of the group of regular hosts, has my favorite sense of style. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll simply post some photos below of the singer/TV host in some of my favorite looks to give you ideas for your Asian-celebrity-inspired wardrobe.

Image Source: Kwaveinvasion.blogspot.com

kim jong kook in a leather jacket, flannel shirt

Image Source: Dkpopnews.net

kim jong kook being cute in a blazer, gray vest, and peach pants

Image Source: Crunchyroll.com

kim jong kook - all black jacket, v neck shirt, jeans

Running Man Fashion
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